Power and energy management

Powering your home

With millions of American homes experiencing outages each year, often caused by major weather events, we encourage all our clients to invest in an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This enables equipment to power cycle and get everything back up and running without you needing to get involved.

California and Texas take the two top spots for most frequent outages in the US (more than 600 combined per year) but they’re not alone. We understand the frustrations many homeowners experience. That’s why we’re always looking at ways to minimize disruption to your technology operation.

Surge protection

Lightning strikes are not only scary, they can also find a way into your home via cables to damage your technology. Surge protection for your speakers, TVs, cable boxes and WiFi network can avoid a lengthy insurance claim process or replacement replacement costs. Talk to us about surge protection today!

Climate control

Adding climate control to your home automation system allows you to check or change the temperature of your AC or heating remotely. We can also do clever things like programing your system to automatically reduce the fan speed and therefore the noise level of the AC when you switch on your projector in your home theater or media room.

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