Lutron Lighting

Summer is here and we’re all about outdoor audio, TV and landscape lighting solutions for every budget.

There are loads of options out there to choose from so here are our things to consider when planning your outdoor space.

Planning landscape lighting

Nothing is more inviting to guests than discreet pathway lighting, tree lights and floods around the exterior of the home and Coastal Source is our favorite solution when it comes to subtly illuminating you property. From tiki torches to wash lights and monument lighting. Adding beauty and security, thoughtful landscape lighting allows you to spend more time outdoors, relaxing or socializing. Let our team design the perfect landscape lighting solution for your home.

Choosing the right outdoor TV

If your patio is covered then you have the choice between a TV designed for the sunshine and rain, or purchasing a regular indoor TV.  If you go with the latter, you’ll need to accept that it won’t last as long as it would indoors and the picture may be compromised by bright sunlight. It’s going to be quite a bit less expensive than an outdoor TV such as the phenomenal Terrace by Samsung, but you might be replacing it in a couple of years so the overall investment is likely to be similar.

If your TV location is uncovered then an outdoor TV is definitely the way  to go. Specifically designed to cope with pool spray, storms and high heat with humidity, you won’t regret this investment.

Adding speakers to your patio

There are great brands to look at when you’re installing outdoor speakers so you need to think about how you’ll use them and where. For ceiling speakers, look at the height and size of the space. If you have a lower covered patio ceiling then you might be good with a couple of 6″ speakers. But if you’re looking up at high vaulted ceiling then four larger 8″ speakers will give you much better audio distribution and a richer sounds.


Where to add landscape speakers

Whether it’s a pergola, a pool or a fire pit, there are great solutions available to create a musical ambience. If you have a large yard then you can’t go wrong with the incredible sound quality of Coastal Source bollard speakers.  For small to media sized yards we recommend landscape audio systems from Origin, Sonance and Crestron, which combine sub woofers with staked speakers.  Or maybe you want to be able to move around your outdoor space, taking the music with you, in which case the Sonos Move at $399 is an excellent option producing great sound without blowing the budget.



Your outdoor AV can be programmed within a control system such as Crestron or controlled using proprietary Apps such as Sonos or Lutron. Why not arrange an appointment at our showroom, or give us a call to find out more about the many options open to you and your back yard?

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