Create the perfect home audio solution with Sonos Speakers

20% off installation

Whether you’re looking for a Sonos soundbar or some Sonos ceiling speakers, Sonos has something to offer every home at every budget. And we’re such a big fan of Sonos that we actually offer 20% off our installation of Sonos Speakers.


Why do we like being a Sonos Dealer so much? Not only are they simple to use with the Sonos App, they allow for scalability of your home sound system – from home theaters to outdoor audio.

Sonos Home Theater Wireless Solutions

Let’s start with the basics of a home theater or media room sound system. You ideally want most of the sound to come from the front of the room, with a subwoofer delivering the lower base sounds that create power, suspense or action. The ceiling or rear speakers should be the ones giving you the background sound effects – such as a car racing by or atmospheric weather conditions. These add depth to the listening experience.

The good news is that Sonos can offer it all without you needing to completely redesign the room.

Here are some of our favorite Sonos Home Theater Set solutions. And remember, we match the prices online PLUS we discount the installation price of Sonos Speakers by 20%.

Sonos Wired Speaker Solutions

Created by the experts at Sonance, Sonos offers some great flush-mounted, ceiling or wall speakers. These turn any room into an audio zone or add depth to your surround sound solution.

Each zone of audio is powered by a Sonos Amp. You can control each one independently if you’re listening to different sources in different rooms, or combine to create a synchronized audio experience throughout the home.

Perfect for entertaining.


Moved into a home which has speakers in the ceiling already? If they’re in good condition, a Sonos Amp might be all you need to get the your audio zone working.

Outdoor Sonos Speakers

We believe that the Sonos Move 2 is THE BEST portable speaker on the market. With up to 24 hours of play time, this speaker is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled. This makes the perfect companion for your back yard or vacation.

Looking for something smaller? The Sonos Roam offers 10 hours of battery life, and is lightweight.

Both come in black, white or green, to blend in or stand out – the choice is yours.

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