2020 marks a new age for energy automation as an essential component of the custom home builder’s offering.  As such, we quickly made sure that we were not only up to speed with energy automation and management technology from companies such as sonnen, but also fully certified to install this technology.  This isn’t something that can be said for many home technology integrators.

We’re currently working on the first Eco-Link battery-powered home in the luxury development of Pine Island in Woodforest, North of Houston and we expect there to be a huge amount of interest in how energy automation can change the way the technology runs a home.

Adapt Energy is the interface that works with Crestron to manage energy in a home. It provides control of breakers to power on and off circuits and integrates with home automation systems to individually control lights, shades, climate and more.

In simple terms, we want to see properties harnessing the sun’s power and converting that energy to an efficient home management solution, where interior lights are on only when they need to be, power is stored in a battery to allow energy reliance and everything is cleaner and more reliable.

When the sun is at its strongest during the day you’ve stored everything up for the peak usage times – evenings and weekends. Powering the battery when tariffs are lower and then using the battery at higher tariff times of day.

Watch this space for further updates on how we will be incorporating energy automation into our offering this year.


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