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‘Good enough’ home WiFi is no longer good enough

With more than half of US employees now working from home, having a robust wired and wireless home network has never been more important.

The home network is invisible but critical to deliver your home technology. Add to that the introduction of fiber and expectations around speed of connection have grown considerably.

Wired or wireless home networking?

IGS Homeworks installs wired and wireless networks to manage and connect all of your devices to each other and to the internet. We use commercial grade products, both indoors and out, to ensure you have complete wireless coverage. But we all know technology fails at times and problems could be caused by something as simple as an unplugged router or from more complicated issues such as an interference problem, which is slowing down the network.

We are dealers for the best brands including Araknis, Access Networks, Rukus and Luxul to deliver the best home network solution.

Professional WiFi solutions

We understand our customers’ lifestyles and the importance of a strong and secure home network, with coverage across all areas of your property. IGS Homeworks designs solutions enabling all of your devices to operate correctly and manage your home automation reliably, such as hard wiring TVs rather than streaming over WiFi. We also have access to the very latest in WiFi 6 technology.

Remote network support

Service is important to us and to our customers. We don’t want homeowners to have to wait for us to send an engineer if something stops working, which is why we use managed network switches and remote monitoring tools to keep your network up and running at all times. This means you enjoy your home technology and we can resolve any interruptions as quickly as possible – sometimes you aren’t even aware there is a problem.

No obligation network audit

To have your current home network evaluated message us for a free consultation and ensure that your existing home network is capable of meeting the demands of your home automation system. If it isn’t then we can advise you on the best way forward.

Call us on 281 465 9101 to arrange your home networking audit.

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