Lighting control systems

Home lighting control creates an ambience and sets a mood. It can be carefully controlled to deliver the best scenes throughout the home, from your outdoor kitchen to your game room.

Our lighting solutions go beyond the traditional switches and dimmers. We install sensors that know when you enter or leave a room and can even track the sun as it moves around your property. We program your home lighting system to lower and raise shades to keep your home cool, protecting your furniture from the suns rays. And we can wire for centrally controlled lighting during construction or retrofit with wireless options at any time.

Lutron Lighting
Home lighting control

With lighting control we can automate your exterior soffit lights to go on at sunset and off again at sunrise and create pathway scenes to light your way to the bedroom when retiring for the evening. Let us reduce the number of light switches on the walls while keeping things intuitive and easy to operate.

From Crestron or Colorbeam’s tunable lighting to Lutron‘s Homeworks or RadioRa3 control systems, we know the best products on the market and our team programs scenes to suit the way you move around your home. Under cabinet lights, pathway lighting, wall graze lighting, we offer it all.

Wireless or wired, new construction or retrofit lighting designs, the solutions are there for every lifestyle and technology budget.

Watch the video below to find out more about tunable lighting and how we applied it to a luxury home in Houston.

Recent Houston lighting project

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