Screen Innovations

Authorized SI Dealer

SI‘s founder was frustrated with the lack of quality and innovation in the screen markets so he decided to build his own.  When it came to the Zero Edge, the team looked at traditional frame design and found that removing the 3.5” bezel created a more aesthetically pleasing look, and allowed projection screens, for the first time, to be incorporated into the design of a room.

Black Diamond Technology

The SI is LED backlit, to fully complement the room’s design and décor and to reduce eye strain for content with rapid transitions from dark to bright. Homeowners can choose from a range of 16 colors, depending on their decor and mood to create a cool color glow around the screen.  Another benefit of the Black Diamond product is that you lose the glare and reflection that comes with  traditional suite projector screens. This video shows the contrast between a white and an SI Black Diamond screen.  The difference in quality of picture is considerable!

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