Sonos Speakers

Sonos is our go to range for creating a whole home audio solution where there will be no other control system in place. It’s perfect for retrofit or where speakers have been installed by a previous homeowner. It’s also the ideal solution when you want to create a surround sound experience without investing in a home theater system. Here is all you need to know about bringing  Sonos speakers and control into your home.


Easy to use App

the Sonos App experience couldn’t be more simple. It allows you to play to one or multiple zones throughout your home, so you can select your outdoor moveable speakers, your family room sounder and your office ceiling speakers all playing our favorite playlist or streaming the latest podcast at the same time. It’s intuitive and enables you to scale your listening experience up or down as needed.

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Home Theater

Create an immersive surround sound movie experience without cutting into walls or investing in an AVR. Ideal for a rental or a smaller home which might not be your forever home. The plug and play Sonos solution means you can add sounders, independent speakers and a subwoofer to any room in your home. Or maybe you want to add a bit more sound to your existing ceiling speakers with a sounder and sub. Sonos has you covered!

Landscape Speakers

Looking to add a landscape sound system which can be controlled by your Sonos App? No problem. The Sonos Port allows you to stream directly to those speakers and control them with the App. Perfect for when you’re adding a landscape speaker system, such as Origin or Coastal Source to your back yard.

Connecting ceiling speakers

Looking to connect some existing ceiling speakers in a home you’ve recently moved into? Or maybe you’re looking at upgrading your AV as part of a remodel. Give us a call so we can schedule a quick visit to look at what’s there and make a recommendation, which will suit your needs and your budget.

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