Alarm Systems

We install simple to use Honeywell Vista keypads in the relevant areas of your home, to offer you complete assurance that your home and your family is safe. Our alarm systems include sensors, motion detectors, glass breaks, sirens, panic buttons and monitoring. You can also view the status of your alarm system via an App on your mobile device when you are away from the property.

Surveillance Cameras

We install LUMA surveillance camera systems in the appropriate areas of your property. The recordings of any footage can be viewed at home or on selected mobile devices that you and your family own. We can also integrate with your control system, giving you easy control and access, whether you’re home or away.


We remotely monitor your home alarm system meaning that any alert will be investigated immediately. This gives customers the comfort that they’ll be alerted to any home intrusion, in addition to having remote App access to the system. Call us to find out about monthly or annual alarm monitoring contracts.

Access Control

We install IP access control technology, including gate stations and door entry points, allowing you to determine who enters your home. We run the fiber needed to install a new system or we can provide upgrades to your existing system, utilizing products from manufacturers including 2N, Yale, Crestron and Holovision.

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