Every home is unique so we don’t offer an off the self solution


Lighting does more than just improve visibility in a room. It creates an ambience and sets a mood. From dimming to color changing, low voltage lighting control is an essential element of today’s home automation.


Media rooms bring the movie format to the home. Using digital surround sound and state of the art screens, integrated with automated lighting, shades and drapes, you create the best home theater experience.

Climate and Energy

By automating the heating and cooling within the home we allow automatic adjustment of temperature at certain times of the day in the most energy efficient way. But how about adding energy storage and management into the mix, to avoid outages?

Window Treatments

With one touch control you can create a relaxed home environment with motorized shades and drapes throughout your home. Color match the fabric with your interior designer and you create a unique, automated environment.

Home Networking

We install data network systems to manage and connect all of your devices to each other and to the internet.


We install a range of alarm, monitoring and surveillance technology to ensure our customers feel safe and secure in their homes.

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