Home working….it’s working

With businesses sending their staff home and schools closing their doors in March 2020 due to the threat of COVID-19, video conferencing became the go-to means of communication for workers and their families. It enabled people to stay in touch with friends and family, but more importantly it became the norm for workers, some of whom had never used video communication before. Zoom™ quickly emerged as the market leader and the brand has become a term as familiar as Google in most households, with teachers, church leaders, commercial businesses and fitness providers all scheduling Zoom meetings to keep things going.

Fast forward several weeks and many businesses have actually reported increased productivity as a result of home working, so this new way of doing business has presented a solid case for keeping some staff remote working and reducing real estate overheads, as the economy and a huge number of organizations battle to recover from the global impact of the pandemic.

Introducing HomeTime

Crestron has been working behind the scenes to bring to market technology to offer an enterprise level video conferencing experience for those who will continue to work from home for the medium to long term future. HomeTime™ can integrate with an existing Crestron control system in the home or can be introduced independently, and offers an at-home video conferencing system for use with Zoom Rooms™ software. It provides digital meeting functionality without the hassle of crowding around a tablet or mobile device and with just one-touch on a Crestron remote or mobile app, the Crestron HomeTime™ HT-CAM video conference system enables you to join and host Zoom™ meetings without a laptop, using the TV in any room of your home. And what’s more, the built-in speaker delivers high-quality audio throughout the room while the advanced beamforming microphone enables natural conversation.

Many of our clients share with us their experiences of home working, while everyone tries to keep themselves, their families and their coworkers safe, as we navigate the “new normal”. We’re delighted that Crestron has once again grabbed the opportunity to respond to the needs of professionals with a solution we can install and deploy quickly to create a truly professional video conferencing experience, within the home. To find out more about HomeTime or receive a quote, please contact a member of the team on 281 465 9101, any time or contact us here.


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