Never has it been more important to keep yourself, your family and your home healthy. While locked down we want to know that our home environments are as clean as possible, which is why IGS has signed up as an integrator for Pure365.

If there’s one place where we should be able to relax and take a deep breath, it’s home.  But one of the world’s biggest health crises is finding its way indoors – none of our homes are exempt from rising levels of air and water pollution. With the fully integrated Pure365 system, homeowners have more power than ever to keep their indoor air pristine. So you can take that deep breath, without thinking twice.

The Pure365 app allows homeowners to view real time data on their phone as well as past pollution events. The connected air quality monitor takes the important first leg by communicating with your smart thermostat to activate the HVAC system when pollution levels pass a certain threshold that you can set manually. From thermostats to medical-grade filtration, the package is designed to take action in the smart home, not just detect the air quality. For example, if the monitoring system detects poor air quality from pollen, it not only turns on the HVAC system but also alerts the homeowners to perhaps close the windows. Impressive stuff!

Commenting on this addition to the IGS portfolio of products, Bill Simpkins said: “We’re constantly looking ways to improve the efficiency, health and management of our clients homes, and Pure365 is a natural component to add to a home automation system. Anything that takes worry away from homeowners and improves their air quality and their peace of mind is something we want to be able to offer our clients so we’re delighted to be signed up as an integrator for this product, at such an important time.”


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